IMG_3228Hardscaping can really make a yard. And while we often think about mowing the lawn or trimming the trees, we often forget that hardscaping also needs regular service from a landscape contractor. Of course any landscaping service will cost money, but when it comes to hardscaping it makes sense to take care of it so that you can save money in the long run. How’s that?

Save your mower blade!: We hope you’ll take advantage of our mowing services here in Hilton Head, but maybe you’ve decided to do it yourself. We’re here for all your landscaping services, but sometimes mowing is the thing that people like to keep to themselves.

But when it comes to hardscaping, if you have some paving stones that have settled it’s likely that one side of it is now sticking up above ground. This can wreak havoc on lawnmower blades, which can not only lead to quickly dulled blades but could also to the entire axle breaking off. One small problem could lead to a huge lawn mower repair bill.

Falling down: No matter how large or small your retaining wall — whether it’s two feet tall of twelve — small problems can lead to large ones. Even if they’re installed properly, time and the elements can cause them to lose the grip between the stones. And when one stone is out of place, that’s often the beginning of the end. Bringing an insured landscape contractor into your yard to fix the problem before it gets too large can be the difference between keeping your wall in place and having to start from scratch. Starting from scratch is, as you might expect, much more expensive.

Don’t let your hardscaping problems get out of hand. Calling the right landscape contractors in Hilton Head can save you money in the long term!