dreamstime_xxl_23958680Even things that at first seem boring can be very interesting if you just learn a little more about it. Sod certainly doesn’t seem like something very interesting at first, but here are a few tidbits from your landscape contractor that you might not know about.

It prevents erosion – The decision to get sod installed isn’t just about wanting to have a green lawn as soon as possible. Establishing sod is an excellent way to prevent erosion in areas that might usually be prone to soil loss. It’s especially helpful because grass seed can be blown away, birds can eat it, or it might be washed away if there’s too much water.

It’s farmed like any other plant – Did you know that there are around 1500 farms in the United States that do nothing but farm sod?  That’s 350,000 acres in the country where grass is out in the field just being…well, grass. Almost all of these fields are within 100 miles of the market where it will be sold; after all, sod is heavy and expensive to transport, and the further it has to travel the more chances there are that it will be damaged or dry out when it’s on the truck.

It’s mowed and… – This might not sound all that strange, but sod is mowed. Of course, it’s not mowed by hand or a riding mower, but by specialized tractors. But it’s also vacuumed, because you don’t want any clippings falling back onto the grass you’re about to sell. This would increase weight, which would increase transportation costs, and it would make your product look inferior if grass parts were constantly falling from the mat.

So there you go…three things about sod you probably never thought about. If you need a whole lawn installed or just a spot repaired, give Snell and Associates Landscape Contractors a call.