Mularkey Rear YardLandscape design might at first seem easy…pick you plants, stack your stones, and you’re done. Of course, there’s so much more to it than that, and that’s why we wrote our first blog concerning the big mistakes people make when they design their own landscapes.

Those aren’t the only problems we see, though. People often have a very myopic point of view when they’re dealing with landscape design, and that’s why it’s a good idea to employ a professional landscaper as soon as possible. What are some of the mistakes we’ve seen?

Not thinking about the seasons – It’s easy to decide how something will look in spring and summer. After all, that’s when most landscaping is done, so you can go to the nursery and see the actual trees that you can put in your ground. But how much are you thinking about what your yard will look like when the leaves fall? Sure, that oak might do a good job hiding your bathroom window from your neighbors in the summer, but come winter you’ll wish there were an evergreen there. Think through the seasons before picking your plants.

Not thinking about the time of day – You’ll be doing most of your planting in the daytime, and granted you’ll be spending most of your outside time during the day. But what about the occasional deck parties you’d like to have? Do you have enough landscape lighting to make everyone comfortable in your back yard? And will those lights shine like a diffused moon or create patterns on the side of your house that you only want on Halloween? It’s always important to think about how you’ll be using your yard day and night.

Not thinking about the angle – Most people will stand in the middle of their backyard and imagine where everything will go. But how often do you just stand out there and turn in circles? (Unless it’s after one of those late night deck parties, of course!) If you’re buying a tree in order to cover up that ugly telephone box that just happened to be in your backyard, is that tree also blocking the coolest breezes that you enjoy? Or maybe that tree

Not thinking about the future – If you’re not familiar with how a certain tree grows, it might be rubbing up against your house before you know it, dumping its leaves into your gutters and causing all sort of problems. Or maybe its roots are more likely to grow out instead of down, cracking your home’s foundation.

Have you considered where you sewage line is? Tree roots love to get into sewer lines, seeking oxygen, water, and nutrients. When they do, you could have your sewer back up. Not planting a tree over your sewer lines in the first place is a great start!

Not thinking about what it looks like from the inside – It’s also very important to think about how everything will look from inside the house. In your current landscape design, will your picture window simply show the back of bush? Or maybe the tree looks great from your porch but is blocking your bedroom view. If either of these happen, rethink your design!

When you’re considering landscape design, a little help from a professional landscaper can make your yard look better than you’d ever imagine. Interested? Give Snell and Associates Landscape Contractors a call today!