IMG_1822resHardscaping, whether it’s a rock path, a fountain, or a retaining wall, can add so much to your landscape design. After all, landscaping is all about bringing nature into your yard, and nature certainly contains a lot of rocks! But just as a tree needs the dead wood removed so that it doesn’t fall on someone’s head, it’s important to keep your hardscape safe as well.

Fall worries: In this case we’re worried not only about the rocks falling, but also people. If you have a rock wall that’s starting to come apart, it could lead to someone having a toe broken when it falls. Even more worrisome is a child (or teen, or, let’s admit it, adult) climbing on it and not realizing just how close to collapse it is. Not only can you lose the wall, but serious injury could occur.

Slip and trip: A flagstone or rock path can make for a wonderful shortcut behind the tree or to your garden. But when the stones settle they can become a horrible tripping hazard, turning your pleasant walk in the backyard into a trip to the emergency room.

Aesthetics: You’ve got to admit, a hardscape in disrepair just looks bad. Whether it’s rocks out of place or a path that you can barely walk on because of the uneven footing, a disintegrating hardscape can make the whole yard look bad. Make sure to keep it looking nice with proper landscape maintenance.

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