Maintenance IPThere’s regular landscape maintenance, and then there are the things that a landscaping company doesn’t need to do very often…but they still need to be done. Good news: we can do that! Snell and Associates Landscape Contractors is ready to take care of your lawn no matter what shape it’s in.

There are a few reasons why you might need the occasional one-time lawn maintenance help:

Pests – When you have piles of leaves that have collected under a bush or against your house, it’s important that they are removed. Such places are just an invitation to pests, both annoying and dangerous. Earwigs and other crawlers aren’t dangerous, but they are creepy and love moist piles of leaves. And critters like mice can carry Hantavirus, which has been found as close as a state away in North Carolina.

Fungus – Heaps of decaying leaf matter can be great in your composter, but not on your lawn. That’s because it traps moisture and doesn’t allow for the sun to evaporate it. Once that happens, fungus can take hold and move onto your living grass. The best way to avoid this is to get the leaves up off your lawn.

Aesthetic Appeal – Quick…think of a well-maintained lawn. We’re pretty sure you didn’t imaging scraggly bushes, droopy trees, and big piles of leaves. A well-kept lawn is simply aesthetically pleasing, and is especially important when you’re about to sell a home or have company.

Whether it’s fall or spring (or winter or summer, for that matter), give Snell And Associates Landscape Contractors a call when you want to get your lawn looking spiffy.