Snell & Associates Landscape Contractors, your trusted landscape servicing company, has been around a long time, long enough to know that you have your choice when it comes to landscapers and landscaping companies. Our loyal clients return to us time and again. They know we will meet their expectations on time and tasks will be completed to their satisfaction.  Whether you are a new or experienced South Carolina Lowcountry homeowner, you could be causing severe damage to your property by committing one of the many common landscaping mistakes.

1. You haven’t done your research. If you are just moving into a brand new home, it is in your best interest to learn about the land you have just purchased. By not doing your research and jumping into a landscaping project, you never know what you’ll encounter. From deterring the amount of sunlight available to studying the current health state of your existing plants, trees and shrubs, you need to understand every aspect of your lawn prior to engaging in a complete landscaping overhaul or even a simple project.

2. You’re avoiding your lawn. On the other side of the spectrum, you could be avoiding things altogether. This is just as harmful to the longevity and health of your property. By not providing sufficient nutrients, water, sunlight and attention, the plants, trees and more in your yard will shrivel up and die. This results in an unpleasant yard and unappealing property.

3.You’re not seeking out a professional. By not using the services of an expert, you may end up having a poorly taken care of yard. A landscape expert can not only make your back yard a luxurious getaway, but also healthy and thriving.