As a homeowner, you have a lot on your plate, including the care of your lawn and garden in Hilton Head. Unless you are a professional landscape design service or have always had a knack for gardening, it is understandable that you may not understand the tricks and tips of the trade. Unfortunately, homeowners tend to skip the research and dive right into tending their property. Instead of destroying your property, avoid the 5 common lawn care and garden mistakes.

  1. You’re skipping or forgetting to use fertilizer. Without it, your lawn won’t grow properly. It’s that simple! Many homeowners completely forget to use the correct amount and type of fertilizer on their Hilton Head lawn. You should fertilize your lawn twice a year, minimum. If you’re uncomfortable doing this on your own, call us!
  2. You’re overwatering. We’ve all driven past the homes that have their sprinkler systems on, during a rain storm. Seems counterproductive, right? That’s because it is. Overwatering your lawn and garden can cause more damage than benefit.
  3. You threw away those plant labels. These labels contain important information such as: watering, light, bloom times, and plant size. Some homeowners completely ignore the crucial information provided and end up planting their new plants in the wrong areas, light or completely overlook the watering instructions. Obviously, this creates less than desirable results.
  4. Did you forget the climate we’re in? Specific types of plants and grass can only grow in specific climates. Without doing your research, you may purchase a plant that cannot survive in the Hilton Head climate! Do your due diligence prior to selecting plant or grass types for your home.