dreamstime_xxl_5293822Without the proper landscape lighting, you just end up staying indoors at night. And you’ll sit there and watch TV and you won’t be getting the fresh air the your body craves.

Landscape lighting can change all of that. Because most people design their landscape for daytime use, they often forget about the options that exist that will allow them to enjoy their yard any time of day. When you’re putting together a landscape design with your local landscaping company, be sure to make your backyard your own with awesome lighting. Here are a few of the most common lighting types and techniques that people use.

Moon lighting – Moon lighting is one of the most subtle forms of lighting and can do a great job of setting the mood for you landscape. It mimics what your yard would look like if it were a cloudless, full moon night. The light is usually hidden so that it’s not obvious where the light is coming from. It’s a great way to light an area and still keep a very natural look.

Accenting – This draws attention to a specific feature of your landscaping. Do you have a fountain you’d like to highlight? Or a specific shrub or statue? Accenting is a great way to change how you view something between the night and the day.

Silhouetting – By putting the light behind an object (such as a statue or a diminutive tree), you create a silhouette and force the viewer to see the object in a different light!

Path lighting – Path lighting is so important because it not only sets the mood…it also increases safety so that you and guests don’t stumble as you walk around at night. Light paths and any water features so that no one trips and gets wet.

These are just a few of the most popular type of landscape lighting you might find in a typical landscape design. Want to learn more? Give Snell and Associates Landscape Contractors a call.