At first glance it may seem like summer is the ideal season for your garden. Don’t be fooled; clear skies and bountiful sunshine is good, but may also cause difficulty for you and your garden. Beware these summer garden challenges and use the tips from your trusted landscape design and servicing company, Snell & Associates Landscape Contractors.

  1. High temperatures will lead to dehydration. We all know how hot it can get in South Carolina! You may think that because the sun is shining and there’s not a cloud in the sky that your garden will flourish and prosper. Unfortunately that’s a bit false. With summer comes high temperatures that lead to dry soil, withered plants and overall dehydration of your garden.Remember to properly water them, preferably in the morning, each day. This applies directly to your lawn too! If you do not provide your lawn with proper hydration and nutrition, it will dry out and eventually die. This will leave you and your family with a dried out, brown, unappealing yard.
  2. South Carolina also experiences torrential storms during the spring and summer months. From torrential downpours, to thunderstorms, to the rare but possible string of tornados, your plants are under attack during the summer months. If your garden has been de-rooted, scattered or flooded as the result of a storm, it is best to try and fix the damage as soon as possible.Otherwise, your garden will not thrive. For a full and beautiful garden after a storm, trust Snell & Associates Landscape Contractors to get the job done right.