Baer Front YardYou’ve probably wondered: What’s the best thing to do with the grass clippings? Good question. Here’s a bit more information.

Bag: Bagging makes the yard look great, and it’s the way to go if you want the most perfectly groomed lawn. There’s also no need for power raking if the grass is caught (see below). Unfortunately, the nutrients in the grass clipping are removed entirely from your yard.

Mulch: From our end, mulching is definitely the most easy! After all, we don’t have to stop the mower in order to walk back to the flatbed and empty the bag. Mower mulching is also a good way to return the nutrients from the grass clippings back to the soil as quickly as possible. Every so often, though, you might want to invest in some…

Power Raking: If you just use a non-mulching mower and let the grass clipping drop back onto your lawn, the clippings don’t disintegrate fast enough and they start to pile up on top of each other. This is known as thatch, and it sloughs off water to the sidewalk or forces it to stay on top of the grass until it evaporates. Either way the water isn’t getting to the soil. Also, the thatch doesn’t allow sun to get to the dirt, which can lead to fungus and pest problems. While using a mulching mower can prevent this problem, it’s still possible for grass mulch to build up too high, especially when it’s being mown more often than usual. Power raking involves using a machine that removes the thatch and allows the lawn to breathe.

Being informed about your mowing options leads to even better customers for us. Questions? Give us a call!