Landscape IPWelcome to the Snell and Associates Landscape Contractors website! Our first website, in fact, but we’ll get to that in a moment.

We’ve served the South Carolina Lowcountry for 34 years, and we love what we do. We love the area, the people, and working outdoors in order to help our customers get make their lawns and lands the most comfortable refuge from the craziness of the world. We’ll help you get your lawn, landscapes, and hardscapes how you want them and we’ll help you keep them that way.

For all those decades we’ve been growing our business most by word-of-mouth, as customers pass our name along to our next customers, who then tell our future customers. We were perfectly happy with this, and grew to be one of the most trusted landscaping companies in the state. All this without a website.

Unfortunately, we saw our future customers being lured away to inexperienced landscapers with a flashy web site, and lawns suffered for it. While the website looked good, the results were not.

At the same time, anyone referred to us couldn’t find us on the web, and there was no way for them to see examples of our work. In today’s world, lack-of-a-website just isn’t an option.

So please, take a look at our work. Learn a bit more about us. We have no other goal than to be the premier landscaping company in the Lowcountry, dedicated to spectacular landscape design, hardscapes, and landscape maintenance. Welcome to!