Baer Front YardEarlier we wrote about a few of the interesting facts about sod that few people ever think about. But why does sod even exist? After all, isn’t sod just an option for people who are impatient, those who can’t just wait a season for grass seed to grow? Not necessarily.

Use it when erosion might be a problem – If your land has any sort of grade, sod is excellent at preventing erosion. Without the weight of the sod and it’s establishing root system, you can lose a lot of soil either down the gutter or have it pool in low spots. This isn’t good for the ground or any trees and shrubs you’ve already put in.


Use sod If the rain, wind, or birds might take grass seed away – If you’re seeding your grass during the rainiest season, there’s a good chance that even the slightest grade on your property will cause the seed to wash away, either down the storm drain or distributing it unevenly. If your property abuts a field or greenspace, wind might simply blow the grass away into a neighbor’s yard or into your rocks. And some birds just love grass seed.

Use sod if you need grass now – Sometimes you just don’t want to wait. If you’re moving into a newly constructed neighborhood, it’s not just about “getting the first green lawn on the block.” Many times it’s about “letting the kids play on the nice green grass instead of telling them to keep off the grass seed.” They’ll be playing outside months sooner than usual if you use sod.

There you go…three very valid reasons sod can be the best way to go. Give Snell And Associates Landscape Contractors a call no matter whether sod or grass seed is right for you.