Why is grading important? There’s a number of reasons. First, grading essentially means the preparation and leveling of land at different levels. Preparation begins with your landscape design to make sure the water goes where you want it. If poor grading occurs and water sits against the foundation of your home or business, it can cause damages to your home. This can be a problem for landscaping companies who don’t have the experience to mitigate the water properly. Good thing you found us!
Irrigation is another service that Snell & Associates provides.  Our fully-licensed irrigation specialists will provide irrigation using top-performing irrigation systems.  We not only install complete irrigation systems, but can update existing systems & provide continued maintenance on your systems.

Sodding your lawn or project area is a great way to get grass quickly and precisely established. We at Snell & Associates Landscape Contractors can tailor your sodding need using just the right type of sod for your yard.